If there is one thing that features freaked

Rather Minimal Liars

followers out significantly more than Dr. Rollins’ gross, bloody face in Hanna’s car windshield, this is the fact that Jason and Charlotte dated before Jason learned that she ended up being his sis. The expose that Jason’s ex-girlfriend « Cece Drake » really was Charlotte DiLaurentis arrived throughout period 6A finale, additionally the fact that

Fairly Minimal Liars

transpired the pseudo incest route made followers super, extremely uncomfortable (i am talking about, Jason already made down along with his half-sister, Melissa) plus the reveal that Charlotte was only Jason’s biological cousin didn’t generate situations definitely better. Today, a concept from Reddit user TippyIsA implies that, possibly, Jason and Charlotte’s union wasn’t that gross —


‘s Jason might be gay.

I Understand what you’re considering — « Huh? Where in fact the heck performed anyone get that principle from? » Well, a gay male fictional character has actually already been rumored is uncovered on

Rather Minimal Liars

for a long time today. Per televisionrange, the show had expected to
present their basic male gay fictional character on


during month 5B,
however the storyline never ever caused it to be to atmosphere. Possibly the personality the program’s writers happened to be toying with wound up getting a unique tale arc alternatively, but it’s additionally possible that the show held off on exposing the character for story purposes. Could we still be waiting on Jason’s expose due to the fact program really wants to ensure it is a large surprise that Jason never ever really had any type of physical relationship with Charlotte?

Showrunner I. Marlene King provides hinted that individuals’ll get a reveal which will
create enthusiasts feel a great deal better concerning the Charlotte/Jason union
at Paleyfest, stating:

« there’s a tad bit more towards the Jason-CeCe online dating story, to ensure that’s a tease… You have not heard the complete story of this. You might not state ‘gross’ by the end for the tale. »

Because this meeting occurred before the expose that Charlotte and Jason happened to be cousins, rather than siblings, it’s possible that the is exactly what King had been making reference to. Still, no incest is a lot a lot better than « less icky » incest, so thereis also the potential that is not just what she required. One principle that may align with Charlotte and Jason’s commitment not so « gross » would-be if Jason « dated » Charlotte to hide that he was internet dating one or questioning their intimate positioning. If Jason wanted an excuse not to hit on girls all summer time, fake-dating Charlotte might have been the easiest way to do it. Offered Charlotte’s impressive capability to twist reports and flat-out rest, she’d probably create a fantastic artificial girl.

We know that Jason features installed with ladies in the last (see: Ashley Marin) so it’s possible that this idea is just that — a theory. But’s also feasible Jason determines as bisexual, which we completely need a lot more guys accomplish on television,
because bi erasure is

such a thing

Really, however, we’ll get any idea that produces Jason matchmaking his personal sibling/cousin much less



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